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We've all read that article on a trans person, a thousand frigging times, where the cissexist person goes back and forth with the pronouns, treating them as their CASAB before they transitioned and their identified sex now that that's generally acceptable to cis society. Everyone hates those articles, because they degender the fuck out of trans lives, trans people pre-transition, treat transition as a sex change when it's an assertion of sex, and ignore the fact that neurological sex is not plastic, no matter how much porn we may have seen or written that likes to imply otherwise.

But when trans people do the same, it's suddenly okay? It's their identity and we shoudn't question their identity, right? Bullshit.

The part of the brain that's sexually dimorphic is non-neuroplastic from infancy, so there's every reason to expect fluidity, non-binary identification, and discovering an identification that works better at a later date. There is, however, no demonstrable case of a boy-that-becomes-a-girl. There are, however, plenty of instances of girl-who-stops-pretending-she's-a-boy.

Trans people were never their CASAB, and a narrative chock full of internalized cissexism, a narrative that treats a young girl as a boy because she wasn't recognized as a girl, wasn't allowed to recognize herself as a girl, should be criticized (though perhaps more in abstract than on a case-by-case basis, because the best weapon against self-hate is acceptance). Narrative, especially one that relies on cis standards, isn't identity. Identity is identity.


Friend of mine pointed me to yet another tired old trope on gendertrender, which I'm not linking.

Yes, there is such a thing as sexually dimorphic, nonneuroplastic, female neurology and there's such a thing as sexually dimorphic, nonneuroplastic male neurology.

Male however, is neither shorthand, synonym, or analogue, for butch. I know that, other transfeminists know that, but on some level you either don't seem to, or you assume such disingenuously.

male-midbrain/female-midbrain is not the same as femmebrain/butchbrain, the latter of which (doesn't exist/hasn't ever been demonstrated) and is yet another tired attempt to impose heteronormativity on lesbians like me, by the harem guards, the misogynistically cissexist TERFs.

You no longer own my body and you never will again.

Anyone making any reference to a person's assigned name or sex as carrying any legitimacy that does not accurately reflect that person's lived experience of either will be deleted, the libel in question redacted, and reposted.

This is more generous than the moderation policy on other forums in which I write. The hate will be preserved. The meat of the libel will not. If you want to do that, if you would rather attempt to write things that trigger the womyn this blog fights for, you may go shout into the nearest genital echo chamber you can find, such as Gendertrender.

FYI and this is also more generous than the moderation policy on the hate site I just referenced.

This policy takes effect immediately. The no-anonymous-comments policy already in place will continue.

And on an unrelated note, as I've been telling everybody: If you go to, and check out the inflation-adjusted, per-capita GDP numbers for Great Britain, you can see the dramatic failure of Thatcherism first-hand.

1948-1979: Annualized Growth of 2.27% 1979-2010: 1.86%, that works out to 3003 pounds per Briton.
But I didn't have context enough to shorten the argument, and it felt like inside baseball... but now that she's posting on my blog:

Cathy replying why she doesn"t think closeted gayhoods are significant, unless the person in question is cis.

Anyway, moving on, now there's sufficient context from the piece she commented on and her current reply, so I'll say what I've been wanting to say for some time:

Cathy, I'm going to tell you a story, one which you already know the kicker to, but it's of a young lesbian. When she was a kid, she didn't really please her parents, didn't hang out with the other kids very much, because the other kids seemed pretty alien to her. Part of that was her intelligence, she was a pretty smart kid, which made her precocious, something every adult, every popular kid, pretty much hated. They wanted her to sit down and shut up and let them get on with their concerns... suffice it to say she was that girl that everyone hated through most of school, but that was fine by her. She didn't like them either. She stuck to her own interests, tried very much to build a little wall of thought around her life, since that was where she was strongest.

As a result she became pretty good at rationalizing...

It didn't matter that she was bad with her hands, be it woodworking or sewing or cursive script. She was smart and the future was going to open itself to smart people like her... And besides, she could always bury herself in books or video games or golf. She loved golf, very existential, and after all, a body is just a body, right? What matters most is a person and the integrity with which they move through the world, and trying to fit someone else's stereotype about how she should look, trying to be muscular, would've just been giving in to sexist stereotypes. And the crushes she had on strong women, (especially ones in media, since they would never tell anyone, never expose her, and it didn't feel wrong to fantasize about someone who didn't exist) were normal... the constant daydreaming about the bright pagan girl, short with black hair and spectacles, kinda like she wished she could pull off, in her religion class, the desire to be recognized for how she felt, the constant heartache clawing at her chest that she was just beginning to find the words for was normal, in fact, it meant she wasn't even more of a freak, wasn't gay or anything...

After all, boys are supposed to like girls.

And it was much safer for her to be a boy. Nobody would hate her for being a weirdo, and nobody would say she was ugly, in fact, she would be considered somewhat handsome (by everybody but her) and it meant that the cracking of her voice wasn't something to be upset about, and at any rate, she couldn't really think much about her body since that one time some boy groped her breasts in front of like two-hundred people, and instead of rise to her defense, like she'd been taught to do if that had ever happened to anyone else, anyone who bothered to react, even though she told her assaulter to stop while speaking into a live microphone, (she was deejaying the campus 'radio' at the time) just laughed.

Anyway, I won't spoil it for you and go into elaborate detail about the person she tried to bury for years, how it slowly destroyed her ability to function, like some emotional scurvy. I won't bore you with an evocative retelling of how she wept when a woman kissed her for the first time at twenty-six and how remarkable it was for her that she was grateful that nobody ever kissed her and meant it while thinking she was a boy, that the last quarter century of abuse and self-hate was worth the first week of being, and being with, a girlfriend who understood her.

I won't pick up the story with the bad ending it could've had, where that girl decided to run through the pain, to let decades of her life whither, and finally, when the fear of dying still living the lie that they'd been living for decades they found the courage to try to capture a measure of authenticity from a lifetime of fear. I won't because that's not only too painful to think of, but because that story's heroine is much braver than the one in the story I just told you. I'm not going to treat that woman with anything less than the utmost respect and emotional support and understanding. But that's what makes me the kind of lesbian I am, as you say, different, from the kind of lesbian you are.

I understand that while the fiction of a trans man deciding that being male is less othering than being a lesbian exists, it exists mainly for trans women, not men. I understand how gayness is lived even if it goes unspoken, that women are socialized as women, complete with masculocentrism and contempt for the combination of amasculinity and assertiveness, even if they are not explicitly declared to be women.

More importantly, though, I recognize that lesbian sisterhood saves lives.


So what level of understanding and sisterhood will come of this? None, just a cissexist and misogynistic repetition of the applicable Nicene Creed... still, it needed saying:

Gayhoods and girlhoods are significant...

... even the erased ones.

(As always, I do not allow anonymous comments. You'll have to give me a name you use elsewhere on the internets)
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eruca, on February 22, 2012 at 3:10 am said:

How sad it is that you as Pagans are fighting so hard to destroy what little women-only safe-space there is.

No-one is doing nor even advocating any such thing.

The fact of the matter is, your definition of “woman” (and, presumably, “man”, for that matter) is rather antiquated, and encompasses only a portion of those who actually are women. Not even all cisgender (“assigned-female-at-birth”) women have that womb and are part of the “menstrual mysteries” that you seem to hold as a pinacle of women’s spirituality –yet I’ll bet you a hundred dollars that you’d still consider them “women” even though, by your own apparent definitions, you’ve made an arbitrary decision to do so.

The fact of the matter is, now *all women* are claiming a right to “women-only” spaces.[emphasis mine]

26 February 2012 @ 07:52 am
You write in this piece:

As a Gay Activist, I was able to quell the cognitive dissonance I sometimes experienced when engaging in political work with my Gay Brothers because, well, we were all Gay – we shared the common experience of same-sex attraction and desire. As I got older, though, and more Late-Transitioning Heterosexual Males decided to become “Lesbians,” I felt less and less comfortable and willing engaging in advocacy in the “Gay Community.”

The reason for this is quite simple – Gayhood Is Significant. Being socialized in the Gay Community is different from being socialized in the Straight Community. We have different rituals, different culture, different routine – not better, not worse. Different. This is why I am more comfortable in the Gayborhood than I am in Glen Burnie. The Gays are my people. Even the Gay Boys who engage in misogyny all day, every day – I definitely don’t like them, but I know them. We as Gays and Lesbians have the common experience of same-sex attraction and how that same-sex attraction shapes our both our personal lives and how we as the Gay and Lesbian demographic fit into the larger society.

So is this forty-three year old, a late-transitioning 'lesbian' who should be denied entrance to lesbian spaces because she doesn't have a shared gayhood?

No, the answer will come, because this woman is [large theory-based answer that means cis].

And for those of you who want a larger reply to Ms. Brennan. Rest assured, it's coming.
18 February 2012 @ 01:02 am
For enacting a law that'll see Cathy Brennan gleefully step over a homeless trans woman on her way to a cis lesbian marriage.

No ENDA, No peace.
23 January 2012 @ 04:54 pm
Remember, gendaw is soshiowy constwucted, that's why we can't let the Emmtootees infwiltrate spaces with female enewgy. #wadfemz