valeriekeefe (valeriekeefe) wrote,

New Comment Policy Assigned Name/Sex as Weapon.

Anyone making any reference to a person's assigned name or sex as carrying any legitimacy that does not accurately reflect that person's lived experience of either will be deleted, the libel in question redacted, and reposted.

This is more generous than the moderation policy on other forums in which I write. The hate will be preserved. The meat of the libel will not. If you want to do that, if you would rather attempt to write things that trigger the womyn this blog fights for, you may go shout into the nearest genital echo chamber you can find, such as Gendertrender.

FYI and this is also more generous than the moderation policy on the hate site I just referenced.

This policy takes effect immediately. The no-anonymous-comments policy already in place will continue.

And on an unrelated note, as I've been telling everybody: If you go to, and check out the inflation-adjusted, per-capita GDP numbers for Great Britain, you can see the dramatic failure of Thatcherism first-hand.

1948-1979: Annualized Growth of 2.27% 1979-2010: 1.86%, that works out to 3003 pounds per Briton.
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