valeriekeefe (valeriekeefe) wrote,

You Think You Don't Agree With Us, But Really, You Don't Understand...

Friend of mine pointed me to yet another tired old trope on gendertrender, which I'm not linking.

Yes, there is such a thing as sexually dimorphic, nonneuroplastic, female neurology and there's such a thing as sexually dimorphic, nonneuroplastic male neurology.

Male however, is neither shorthand, synonym, or analogue, for butch. I know that, other transfeminists know that, but on some level you either don't seem to, or you assume such disingenuously.

male-midbrain/female-midbrain is not the same as femmebrain/butchbrain, the latter of which (doesn't exist/hasn't ever been demonstrated) and is yet another tired attempt to impose heteronormativity on lesbians like me, by the harem guards, the misogynistically cissexist TERFs.

You no longer own my body and you never will again.


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