valeriekeefe (valeriekeefe) wrote,

A Helmet for Poverty in America

"We’re all players in the great American game of capitalism. Like football players, we take hits every single day. Only instead of getting decked by 350 pound brutes, we get hit with charges to our bank account for rent, food, and all the other everyday expenses it takes to live. Where are our helmets?

Both the NFL and US safety policies have the goal of protecting their participants. But there’s one big difference: The NFL’s safety helmet policy is unconditionally mandated. Every single player in the NFL is provided with and required to wear a helmet. It’s a simple and effective policy.

The US safety net system on the other hand…not so much. We require a citizen to be desperately poor or disabled before they can even be considered for protection. That’s like letting a football player get bashed in the head without a helmet, then putting one on his noggin once he’s in a wheelchair at the hospital. Doesn’t help much. The damage has already been done."

We do indeed need a Basic Income and this is one of the best explanations as to why.

Tags: basic income

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