valeriekeefe (valeriekeefe) wrote,

Tumblr's Anticapitalist Set Are So Stultifyingly Disingenuous

Like: These fuckers know that capital rents/yields accumulate faster than economic growth (or they should), they know that classism is a spectrum, and that there is an absolute minimum that people need to live on...

And yet they will continually go out of their way to justify their own middle-class lifestyles, when they could be living at the poverty line and saving the remainder for purposes of actually building some non-oppressive spaces and investment.

I guess worker ownership of the means of production is fine so long as everyone else pays for it, or if it's saved for a nebulous, utopian, 'after-the-revolution.' Attempting anything that would put someone eventually in the neighbourhood of working 12-hour graves at a convenience store that you own that pays all the workers a living wage, and tries to divest to all of them is a little too worker-owned for them.
Tags: economic separatism, tumblr

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