Tags: retched hive of scum and villainy

I'm Back!

Welcome back, Livejournal. After getting dragged away to the festering shithole that is tumblr, due to network effects, they've finally gone out of their way to make it easier for serial abusers to defame people with their new, 'improved' block function. The right of reply to publicly published, defamatory work, is gone.

Maybe we can fund a class-action via kickstarter and sue Yahoo's deep pockets into oblivion for all the rapists they're helping cover for, the abusers they're helping gaslight others with impunity, and just general shittyness involved in ensuring that those with the largest social networks can do the most harm with the fewest consequences.

Tumblr has always been neoliberal leftism at its most developed, now it's finally so odious that it's not worth it for me to participate, save to promote livejournal (which is kind of exactly how I got dragged into tumblr).