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Not Sexual/Gender Confirmation/Reassignment Surgery, butterfly surgery or anything else. This is a surgery that some trans people undertake because they have body map difficulties, not all. And by using those words, you're degendering every un-operative trans person and every moment of their lives that they lived with the genitalia they were assigned. Including you.

This. Surgery. Does. Not. Make. You. A. Woman.

You already were one.

One day I hope to see some cis men get it, or an improved analogue, as well as seeing some cis women getting phalloplasty or an improved analogue. (Don't fool yourselves, there are plenty who would, especially if it didn't mean being treated like a second-class citizen... same reason some of you reading want it.) Why do I eagerly anticipate this genital free-for-all?

Because genitalia aren't gender. If you must pick a day at which you magically changed genders, (you didn't, you were almost certainly born this way.) then pick the day you admitted to yourself that trying to be the boy you never were was killing you. The day you stopped letting the world cissexually construct you as male. Because that's the day you lost all your presumed cis privilege. That's the day the indignities started to hit home, and you became fair game... but ultimately, you and I were female by the end of the first trimester.

That's why the beatings or the not fitting, or the being the perfect archetype and being so aware of the rules of your assigned gender but knowing it was something you performed... a role, a suit... that's why that happened. You didn't become trans because of porn, or anime, or getting the shit kicked out of you or David Bowie. You just eventually learned that you didn't have to live the lie anymore. That didn't make you trans, that just made you one of the lucky minority of trans people that transition instead of quietly dying unknown somewhere where nobody ever knew the sweet girl they couldn't let themselves believe they were.

So please, if you must, go under the knife, but remember, it doesn't make you any more or any less a woman.

It just makes you a woman with a vagina. And vaginoplasty is the value-neutral way to express that, instead of degendering every girl-with-a-dick. A girl with a dick, of course, is still a girl.